funerals and memorial ceremonies

Please accept my deepest condolences if you are reading this after a bereavement and thank you for considering me to be your celebrant and stand by your side at such a difficult time.
I have a gift for listening to what is in your hearts as you tell me all about your loved one’s life, and then reflecting that in a beautiful and moving tribute created especially for you.

You will find me a reassuring and comforting presence.  Full of empathy, I have a keen awareness of the range of emotions that may come into play at this time and know you may be in shock and unable to think clearly so soon after your loss.

I will meet with you and those others whom you wish to involve, usually at your home, for a thorough discussion about your wishes for the funeral, and sensitively guide you through the options for the ceremony.

We are not limited by the funeral traditions of any single religion or other organisation, and so I create an exceptional bespoke funeral ceremony that is entirely driven by your wishes and needs.  It can be as traditional or unconventional as suits you.  We can encompass elements from many sources, including prayers and hymns if desired.  Perhaps your loved one had a favourite hymn – an independent celebrant can include that even if most of the funeral is humanist.  If the chief mourners were from a mix of religious backgrounds, if desired we could incorporate funeral rites to comfort them all.   You can decide the tone of the funeral, for example completely solemn, an uplifting celebration of a life, or somewhere between the two.

I can craft a heartfelt eulogy for you if desired, either to give myself or for you or a family member to deliver if preferred. Alternatively I could deliver one written by you.   Of course, being a completely tailor-made ceremony, you do not have to have a conventional eulogy at all. There are many fitting and beautiful elements that can be incorporated into the ceremony and I will be privileged to discuss them.  You retain full control and final approval of your ceremony script, and I will fine-tune it for you until are entirely satisfied.

Any funeral ceremony conducted by me is one created and performed out of love and compassion, seeking to honour your departed loved one and comfort you in your loss.  Please do not hesitate to talk to me about a funeral with no obligation to proceed.

I also offer heart-felt, bespoke ceremonies for the scattering of ashes and unveiling of headstones or memorial stones.

Funerals for Babies and Children

Somehow I will find the words for the very saddest of losses, for the future unrealised, the life not lived.

Ceremonies give us a structure to hold onto when the world feels as if it is collapsing around us.  We can acknowledge the pain, commemorate the life however tragically short, and celebrate the importance of that life to family and friends.

A meaningful funeral or memorial can be created for babies lost at any stage of pregnancy or circumstances of birth.  It is not necessary that we have the physical body, we will commemorate the passing of that beautiful little life.

In common with most of the funeral profession, I waive my fee for officiating at these funerals.

When the death is by suicide

Please don’t hesitate to talk to me in the tragic circumstances of a loved one taking his or her own life. I would be privileged to stand by you through these devastating weeks and together create a sensitive and fitting funeral ceremony.

This can be the darkest of times for family left behind, struggling with heart-breaking questions of why and what if.  There may be anger and guilt as well as inevitable shock and grief. 

In the midst of these often confusing emotions, together we can create the best ceremony possible and reflect all the love that you, the family and wider community felt towards your loved one.  

I have volunteered on a very well-known suicide help-line and have some years’ experience to draw upon in order to support you in the traumatic circumstances of a death by suicide.

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