bereavement support

Please accept my deepest condolences if you are reading this because you have been bereaved.
Grieving is a natural and necessary process after a bereavement, but sadly it can be extremely painful and very difficult.

Initially we can be protected from the deepest grief by shock or numbness, and then find that our grief actually becomes worse before it eventually edges towards improvement, until we gradually find a way of incorporating our grief into our daily lives.

When I am not meeting families and planning or officiating at ceremonies, I am myself a Bereavement Volunteer with Cruse, specialising in the support of children and young people. If you would like to discuss seeing me as a private client for bereavement support, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sometimes we get stuck at some point on this grief journey and then it may be that outside support would be of help to get us through.  If you feel that you, or someone you care about, would benefit from bereavement support, I would urge you get in touch with one of the several charities that do wonderful work in this area such as:

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