All Creatures great and small : Ceremonies for pets and other animals

We love them with all our hearts and they love us unconditionally in return, often the most constant and loving companion in our lives. Our animals feel like family members in life and in death, and I know how much one can yearn for a beloved furry friend when they have passed on.

Sometimes a lollipop stick and a shoebox in the back garden is all that is required, but I am privileged to offer bespoke, heart-felt funeral services for your beloved animal if you choose to honour your late friend with a ceremony.

This does not have to also be a burial – it can be a meaningful memorial over ashes, photographs, favourite treats and more.  There are lots of creative ways to celebrate the life of your pet which I will be pleased to discuss.  Your pet funeral can take place in the most appropriate venue for you - your garden, a pet cemetery or at a favourite walking spot for example.

As I am an independent celebrant you are free to include any spiritual or religious elements that you desire and any readings, prayers, poems, eulogies, songs etc that you choose in your entirely personal and tailor-made ceremony.

This is not a new idea. The ancient Egyptians understood the importance of honouring one’s animals in this way – evidence of pet funerals has been discovered from nearly 10000 years ago.

The death of a pet is often the first experience of bereavement for children, and the way the family handles this grief can serve as a model for how children deal with loss for the rest of their lives.  A pet funeral provides a beautiful space in which to acknowledge the sense of loss, the contribution your pet made to your happiness, share your memories and say your goodbyes.

If you are mourning the loss of a beloved pet and would appreciate some additional support, I recommend the charity Blue Cross.

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